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Welcome everybody to my new web site abode
Let me tell you all about myself in this little ode.
My name is Pumpkin and I am a hamster you see
My mistress wanted a web site for my pals and me.
To tell of all the comical capers that we get up to
So why don't you send a photo let us look at you.
And a story about the naughty things you've done
Lets make these animals pages into lots of fun.
Tell me any ideas of what you would like on here
Let's have a site for us alone to bring us lots of cheer.
I like to play inside my ball racing round and round.
Sometimes my mistress will let me play down on the ground.
My house is three storeys high and I have a big wheel
I love it and get excited and I want to let out a squeal.
I usually sit inside my food bowl when I have my eats
And I climb right up my cage if someone offers treats.
This site is put up to have a selection of animal chums
Four legged or two legged or even from aquariums.
If you like my web site would you sign my guest book
And please tell all your friends to come and have a look

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